Our love of wine and winemaking followed us up to Victoria from Northern California, where we enjoyed the exceptional quality and variety of wines from the various regions, and learned to Winemaking-38appreciate the winemakers’ art in creating wines that are memorable.

Winemaking has become a passion of ours over the years, and it is a never-ending learning process. The science of converting sugars in grape juice into alcohol in wine using live yeasts (i.e., fermentation) is fascinating to experience; as is the art in using winemaker techniques to contour the aroma, body & mouthfeel, flavour, and finish to that which is desired in the finished wine.


In British Columbia, there is an active community of winemakers who emphasize quality and craft in creating artisanal wines.

  • BC Amateur Wine Association – BCAWA is an affiliation of non-commercial winemaking clubs in British Columbia, Canada. Almost a dozen independent clubs are spread throughout BC, including Vancouver Island.
  • Saanich Sommeliers – Victoria-based club dedicated to provide education and mutual support in matters related to all aspects of wine  making and appreciation.
  • Nanaimo Winemakers – Located in Nanaimo, the club is dedicated to helping home winemakers (or would-be home winemakers) on central Vancouver Island to produce superior wines from grapes.
  •  BC Guild of Wine Judges – Chartered to develop and refine the sensory and evaluative skills of wine judges that evaluate wines entered into competitions hosted by wine clubs throughout BC and Canada.
  • Wine Islands Growers’ Association – WIGA is a non-profit society whose mission is to educate, support and promote viticulture and oenology in the Wine Islands region of British Columbia.